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Begin your memory journey with these easy steps


Set Lockbox on any surface


Wait 2-3 minutes for Lockbox to fully power up


Download the Memories Lockbox app onto your smartphone


Open Wifi Settings and tap "LOCKBOX"


Plug in the power adapter


Load photos and videos from smartphone onto Lockbox


Press the Power button. Observe glowing button


Now you have a super-long lasting time capsule / treasure chest

  • My app isn't working. What should I do?
    You must have a Memories Lockbox device. The app won't do anything without a physical Memories Lockbox device powered on and next to you. Check the Power Button on Lockbox and be sure it is glowing (indicating it’s turned on) Be sure you opened Wifi Settings on your smartphone and find “LOCKBOX” You must successfully connect the LOCKBOX to your Wifi network If you don’t see LOCKBOX in your list of Wifi connections, follow these steps: Press the reset button on the back panel with a paperclip or pin You should hear a “click” when you press successfully Open Wifi Settings on your smartphone, find LOCKBOX in the list of available Wifi networks. Select LOCKBOX and fill in your Wifi network settings Next, launch the Memories Lockbox mobile app and follow the “Getting Started” instructions above Another troubleshooting step: force close the Memories Lockbox app and then launch it again
  • Technical Specifications
    Intel Celeron 2.5 GHz Processor Dual - Band 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz WiFi iOS and Android compatible 1 TB M.2 NVMe Storage 8 GB DDR4 Memory
  • How Does It Work?
    Memories Lockbox works with your smartphone and Wifi network Instead of a monitor, keyboard and mouse, use your smartphone to operate Memories Lockbox You can place Memories Lockbox anywhere within range of your Wifi network Once Lockbox is connected to your Wifi, simply click the "+" sign and start adding photos and videos to your Lockbox Tips for Using the Memories Lockbox App Tap "+" to add a memory to the Lockbox Select up to five photos or videos at a time for downloading onto Lockbox One Memory can contain many photos and videos. Tap any Memory and then the "edit" symbol to add more photos and videos Scroll right and left inside one Memory to see them all Scroll up and down to see all of your Memories Add names and descriptions to each Memory Create custom Tags for each Memory, including colors for each tag Edit the dates of the Memories to reflect the correct date the Memory was created Share Memories by tapping the share icon. You may share with any other user with an account on your Lockbox. Monitor the amount of available storage on your device by tapping Settings Family and Friends Accounts Your Memories Lockbox can hold a virtually unlimited number of accounts Connect family and friends to your Lockbox by following the same steps shown at the top of the Support page Family and friends may use your Lockbox only when connected to your Wifi network You may also create multiple accounts for yourself by logging out and then selecting "Sign Up" and entering a new username and password The only limitation on accounts is the available storage on your device
  • Why is this device better?
    The Lockbox looks cool. It’s meant to be displayed. It's so simple - just a power cord, no workstation, no peripherals, no clutter It’s made of durable, timeless materials and is meant to last a long time It’s a powerful stand-alone computer, not just another storage device Because it's a PC computer, it will be compatible for years into the future Layers of security are added because the Lockbox is separate from the cloud, your desktop and notebook computers The Lockbox can be personalized to make it uniquely your own Cloud backup make it easy to restore your files if needed
  • Why do people need this?
    Put memories in the center of your life It's not just data, it's precious memories Enrich your relationships Prepare for the coming advancements in memory tech Revisiting pleasant memories is fun, and our services make it easier It reinvents the heirloom which represents the value of tradition
  • Why is there no monitor and keyboard?
    We designed Memories Lockbox around the device we all use for so many other tasks in our lives - our smartphones The smartphone works in place of a monitor, keyboard and mouse The result is a very simple device which you can place anywhere in your home as long there’s access to the Wifi network Another result is that you don’t have to setup a new workstation to use the device
  • Warranty Service and Returns
    Your Memories Lockbox is fully protected by warranty for a period of two years from the date of purchase for any defects in the computer functionality. This warranty does not protect against physical damage to the outer case of Memories Lockbox. To initiate warranty service or to return a Memories Lockbox device, first write to us at with a description of the issue. You will receive instructions for sending the device back to us either for replacement or warranty service.

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