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A Better Way of Taking Care of Your Memories

Wood parts crafted from solid blocks of hardwood

Wood square.png

Metal parts CNC machined from solid aluminum

metal square.png

Ultra long lasting private computer


Designed to last for generations

designed square.png

Put your memories in one secure long-lasting device

This is not a regular type of storage device. First, it's a real computer, not something you plug into your computer. Second, it has no plugin peripherals or ports. You control the computer with the interface you use for just about everything else in your life... your smartphone!


It's designed to last for generations, and help you preserve your most precious memories.

Bring memories out of dusty corners and put them closer to the center of your life.

Outstanding performance


Share With Family and Friends

Invite family and friends to use your Lockbox when they're connected to your Wifi network. Your accounts and Memories are securely stored in separate accounts. Share only what you want between accounts with two taps. Your memories remain totally private.

Take Charge of Your Memories

The Lockbox is meant to be proudly displayed rather than hidden away.


It is a perfect gift for yourself or a loved one. The ultimate gift you can give or receive is the gift of memories. Personalize Memories Lockbox to include key information engraved to stand the test of time.

App mockup.png

Download the app

Start caring for your memories. With the Memories Lockbox app you can capture, curate, share and relive all those precious moments.*

*A Memories Lockbox computer is required for the app to work. 

*These products and brands are owned by Memorythium Corporation 

Your memories matter to us. Let's talk.

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